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Yet another day at XL girls with a hot chubby black haired babe named Dors feline, who has a wild fetish for spraying her body with the showerhead after stripping down in front of the camera. Dors Feline is in the mood for a pleasuring bath but before she climbs in, she starts to strip off her clothes while the camera watches revealing on saucy chubby figure. She then begins to rubs her enormous boobs in front of the camera shivering with excitement before she takes of her pants and bends over in front of the camera getting a perfect shot of her luscious ass.

A few moments later Dors Feline finally enters the warm water before lying down smiling at the camera man when she starts to rub and tickle her erect nipples making her gag for more until she decides to get the shower gel and begin squirting it over her enormous knockers giving her a pleasuring feeling through here voluptuous body. As she rubs the gel over her breasts she turns the shower head on and starts to spray the water onto her nipples making her gag for more before she begins to rub her wet clit as she is moaning with delight. Watch more as Dors Feline slipping her fingers into her deep wet pussy as she blows her load into the bathtub giving her a great feeling at XL girls now!

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